This page is all about solving the problem of being afraid of traveling. Fear is one of the biggest things that holds back first-time travelers from taking the leap and going to the country they’ve always dreamed about. I understand the fear and can relate. I was scared the fist time I ever left the country. Granted I was only ten years old and I was moving to Japan and wasn’t going to be back in the states for a year. So, if ten-year-old me can do it you surely can too.This page is broken down into different fears and challenges you may face while traveling.

The fear of flying: A lot of people don’t like to fly. I will admit that I am not a huge fan of it myself. I do alright on shorter trips but those long, non-stop 13 hour flights to Japan still get to me. I get nauseous, bored, and sometimes just nervous. I’ve found that the trick to flying is to simply just not think about it. I know this sounds kind of silly and you’re probably thinking how am I supposed to do that? Don’t think about how long you have to sit on the plane or the fact that you are thousands of feet in the air. Don’t check the map on the screen and think too much about the flight. Use it as relaxing time. Read a book. Watch a movie. Journal. Color. Get work done if you have some. Take a nap and catch up on some sleep. Distract yourself and think of it as some down time before the fun part of the trip actually starts. Also, if you know that flying can make you nauseous, make sure you take something to help with motion sickness. This works wonders for me. I hope you are able to try a few things to help make your next flight more comfortable for you and maybe even learn to find flying exciting.

Fear of the language barrier: One of my friends is always talking about how she wants to travel but one of her main concerns that seems to hold her back is nerves about not being able to speak the local language. You would be surprised how many people around the world speak English. I have honestly found that some foreigners who speak English as a second language speak it better than we do as our first language. If a language barrier is a huge concern for you, plan your first trip to Europe or Australia or somewhere locals are more likely to know your language. This will ease you into international travel without overwhelming you and you won’t have to worry about this issue as much. Once you become comfortable traveling and realize a language barrier isn’t as scary as it sounds, you will learn to be more adventurous and maybe try visiting Asia on your text trip where English isn’t as prevalent.