Even if you have managed to gather a pool of miles, it’s always a worry to utilize them in the best manner before they expire. Miles have a very limited life and any prolonged inactivity in your mileage account means you need to be prepared to bid them farewell.

Redeeming miles is always the tricky part. Airlines often make it incredibly hard for you. Just because it is being advertised doesn’t mean you’re entitled to all those perks. But with some smart techniques, redeeming air miles is actually easier than you imagine. Here are some great ways you can put your air miles to a good use.

Fly in Premium Cabins

If your mileage account doesn’t help you fly in luxury, you’re not utilizing it in the way it should be. Airlines from time to time release seats for upgrades and all you need to do is to rack up miles and keep an eye on these amazing offers. They run out sooner than you even realize so it’s best to be the early bird. If you’re traveling in a group, you must split up to increase your chances of flying in a premium cabin.

Stay in the World’s Best Hotels

Many frequent flyer programs now let you convert your air miles into hotel points. If you don’t plan to use your air miles in any other way, it’s best to try your luck with the hotels. All the luxury rooms and finest amenities are dreams that are completely affordable when it comes to air miles. International hotel chains such as Marriott are all over the world and just perfect to unwind and enjoy a luxury break with a budget tag! Hotel upgrades really add a whole new life you your vacations.

Gift Your Miles!

There will be times when you don’t intend to travel anywhere and just fall short of options when it comes to redeeming air miles. In times like those, it’s best to give the gift of air miles that is likely to be remembered forever! If you know any loved one who is trying to get closer to their travel milestone, gift them miles because the present of travel is really one that anyone would remember for years to come. It is definitely going to make them feel super special about themselves!

Shop Your Miles Away

Many of us would never say no to a shopping spree. But at the end of a month when there are still days to your pay check to arrive, it can be really difficult to control all those temptations. In times like those, it is best to shop online with the help of your air miles. Every mileage program has an online portal that you can access. Make sure that you watch out for those great deals and discounts!