Bugs and mosquitoes are one of the biggest nuances when you’re out on a camping trip. Not only are they annoying, but they may bring some harmful diseases that you don’t want to bring back home. Aside from bringing the obvious protection like mosquito repellent or lotion, there are many ways to keep these annoying insects away.

Follow these 5 effective tips to keep mosquitoes away from your campsite:

Bring Extra Dryer Sheets

Nobody knows the exact reason why, but moquitoes (and bees) hate being around dryer sheets! Just laying out a few around your campsite area will help keep the mosquitoes from bothering you. To make sure your meal times are undisturbed, make sure you place some near your food or tuck them under the table cloths. Better yet, keep one in your pocket for added protection.

Wear A Bug Repellant Bracelet

Speaking of protection against mosquitoes and other bugs, you can never have enough. If you’re not a fan of bug spray or anti-mosquito lotions (because most of them are sticky!), consider buying a bug repellent bracelet. You don’t have to wear it, you can hang it in your pack or fasten it somewhere nearby.

These bracelets emit vapors containing active bug-repelling ingredients, forming a shield of protection around you.

Add sage to your campfire

Mosquitoes (and ticks!) don’t like the smell of sage. It’s a known bug deterrant and adding it to your campfire will keep the insects away. While you’re enjoying your time around the campfire, the smell of sage will also linger on your clothes and skin so you’ll have extra protection even when your campfire is put out.

Use coffee grounds

When you’re camping in wet season, the campground will likely be surrounded by puddles. These are breeding grounds of mosquitoes and the goal is to get rid of the eggs before they hatch. This is where the beauty of coffee grounds come in. Sprinkle some in stagnant water – this will force the eggs to rise to the surface and kill them because they’re deprived of oxygen.

Use the power of vinegar

Many of us find the scent of vinegar too strong. Well guess what? Mosquitoes do, too! To repel these annoying insects, you can spray vinegar on surfaces of your campsite or even dab yourself with a vinegar-dipped cotton ball!

Follow these effective tips to help keep mosquitoes away from you and your campsite!