When it comes to camping, even the biggest camping “noobs” know what a camping trip might entail. No worries, right? Well, if you’ve decided to go camping “Bay-Area-Houston-style”, there’s a reason to find yourself a little confused. After all, Houston, Texas is an international city & very well-known to be a major metropolitan area. The notion that camping, a whole-heartedly outdoor activity, could take place in or near Houston just doesn’t make sense.

The fact is, however, that Bay Area Houston is a collection of an area that is, in part, between Houston and Galveston. Basically, you get a little of the allure & impact of a major city like Houston, but you still get the dramatic change in scenery as you head toward the Gulf. Thus, your idea of camping, now a bit better aligned with the traditional idea of camping, still needs to adapt to this unique area of Texas.

As such, before you head out, ask yourself these five questions:

1. Where can I actually enjoy camping in terms of outdoor splendor? Luckily, even with the shine of the big city nearby, Texas saw fit to make sure that certain areas were well-preserved for future generations. You’re best bet would be to check out Texas state parks such as Brazos Bend State Park, Huntsville State Park, and Stephen F. Austin State Park.

2. What kind of weather do you want to camp in? This is tailored more to the person looking for a temperate climate, but keep in mind that you’re in Texas. In the Houston/Gulf area, there tend to be many more days averaging temperatures in the 90s than not, and you also have to factor in humidity.

3. What kind of activities do I want to explore? You’re in luck as Bay Area Houston offers a wide variety of activities such as hiking, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and biking. In many respects, though the area is flanked by more urban environments, you still have access to many camping activities you’d find elsewhere.

4. What type of camping do I actually mean? This is a weird question, but you do have to be somewhat specific in terms of the type of camping you want to pursue mainly because you’ll find a large market for RV camping. Think of it as the more glamorous form of “pitching a tent”. These RV campgrounds tout proximity to the Kemah Boardwalk and the Galveston Strand, so there is a fairly big market.

5. How “out there” do I want to be? Finally, you have to decide whether you’re truly looking for get rugged for a weekend or whether you’re looking to have a place to breathe fresh air at night after you’ve had a chance to explore what Bay Area Houston has to offer visitors. Of course, there’s the Kemah Boardwalk, Space Center Houston, and Clear Creek Winery to name a few.

Camping the Bay Area Houston way is for the bold & adventurous and those looking for something unique in the out-of-doors. It’s more than just a little getaway – it’s the trip of a lifetime.