Dalaman airport is one of the most frequented international airports in Turkey, with many people passing through here on their journey to discover this Mediterranean country with a rich cultural heritage and plenty of stunning spots of natural beauty.

Whether you intend to stay in the quieter location of Dalaman itself, or instead make your way to one of Turkey’s most vibrant port towns such as Marmaris, here are some of the main reasons why deciding to rent a car in Dalaman, Turkey, is one of the best decisions you could make.

Firstly, making the choice to rent a car in Dalaman airport is extremely convenient when compared with the alternative options of taking a taxi to your destination, or figuring out how to get about using public transport. There are many buses that operate between the airport and the resort towns of Marmaris and Fethiye, yet these can become crowded and will stop several times along the way.

With bus journeys to these destinations lasting at least an hour, renting a vehicle instead means you will not have to put up with cramming yourself into a bus with many other tourists in the heat of summer, and you will also be able to keep an eye on your luggage, decide your own itinerary and speed up your journey to your accommodation if this is a priority for you.

The second advantage of deciding to rent a car in Dalaman, Turkey, is that this can save you money. Although no one is going to argue that taking a bus from the airport is not in fact cheaper at prices of around 7 Turkish Lira, deciding to hire a vehicle is still more cost effective than taking a taxi or spending on a private transfer service.

Many reputable vehicle hire companies operating out of Dalaman airport also boast exceptionally good tariffs at around £15 per day, sometimes offering free days if you stay for an extended period of time such as two weeks. This can save you even more money, making hiring a car definitely worth your while.

The next reason why hiring a car could be a good idea for you is that it can give you peace of mind when travelling in the country. If you have a large family or a group of friends, public transport and terminals can prove problematic as people can get lost and luggage misplaced. Having your own car essentially eliminates this problem.

When you rent a car at Dalaman airport, you can make sure that everyone and everything gets safely from the arrivals terminal to the vehicle, and then to your hotel. For extra peace of mind, car hire agencies in this region generally offer all inclusive packages that cover the vehicle in cases of theft, breakdown and any damage that might occur.

The fourth and final reason why it is good idea to rent a car here is that it will give you the freedom to travel to many different destinations throughout your stay. Although some are perfectly content to make their way to the beach hot spots of Fethiye or Marmaris and stay there for the entirety of their trip, this is not the case for everyone.

Nearby places such as Turtle Beach, the ancient remains of Ephesus and the thermal springs of Pamukkale are much more accessible if you have your own transport; a small investment in a rental vehicle can give you the possibility to explore Turkey to your heart’s content.

Hiring a rental vehicle during your holiday to Turkey is a fantastic idea for many, allowing them freedom, convenience, peace of mind and great value for money. With many rental agencies out there to choose from, make sure that you shop around for a great package that offers you comfort, safety and reliability in order to make the most of your stay on the Turquoise Coast.