There are many different special occasions which require hired transportation, including but not limited to weddings, proms, anniversaries, birthday parties and corporate events. There are indeed many benefits to hiring a fleet and drivers, including getting all your guests to the venue on time and getting them there at the same time.

Difficulty can arise when there is a large number of guests involved, such as difficulty ensuring that everyone finds the venue and is able to avoid traffic in order to arrive in a punctual manner. Double decker bus hire is a surprising but extremely practical solution to many potential problems that arise at occasions with a large number of guests, and here is why.

One of the major advantages of double decker bus hire is that it means that all guests are transported together, meaning that people are not arriving at the venue where the event is being held at various times. This is very advantageous for events that are due to start at a specific time such as wedding ceremonies, and for events that run over a long period of time.

People who are hosting very punctual events will find that if all guests arrive together then the actual main event can start or be postponed as necessary – there is no stress with worrying if they should start proceedings on time even though half the guests have not arrived yet.

When parties or special occasions run on throughout an evening, it can be equally stressful managing the flow of people, especially if the majority turn up very late or very early. Having groups of guests arriving together through shared transportation means that you have a set number of guests to attend to at any given time throughout the evening.

The next point to make for double decker bus hire is that it can provide a unique experience for all guests, and allow them to start the special occasions in style. This is especially true with events such as birthday parties or proms, as most people have not been on a private hire double decker bus before and will find the whole experience very novel and exciting.

Many companies providing double decker bus hire will deliver complimentary drinks for all people travelling, which can also help them relax and start enjoying themselves before the main event. This also provides a great opportunity for guests to get to know each other before they arrive at the actual venue, helping break the ice.

Thirdly, hiring a bus to transport guests helps relieve stress for the guests too. There is nothing worse than worrying about being late for a special occasion or getting stuck in traffic that is barely moving forward. Bus hire can be the perfect solution for this in many ways, the first being that guests’ only job is to sit back and relax on their way to the event.

Drivers of hired transportation will also help avoid traffic issues as they tend to plan their routes with extreme care and attention, plus they will often know the roads in a particular area very well, helping them avoid traffic jams and roadworks. Some companies even have advanced systems where they can monitor traffic in real time, helping drivers further.

Lastly, double decker bus hire can also ensure the safety of all guests. If you are transporting them to and from their accommodation, this means that they can relax, enjoy an alcoholic drink if they wish and not have to worry about having to avoid alcohol or driving whilst tired from the day’s or evening’s events.

Instead, they will be taken to and from the venue in complete safety by a trained and experienced chauffeur, giving the event organiser complete peace of mind.