Have you ever had that feeling, when you land at the airport and you think, ‘I just want to be home’? If you have then you shouldn’t be relying on public transport to get home from the airport.

You know that you are grumpy when you land and you don’t want to wait around for a bus, or even wait for your luggage to finish it’s ride around the luggage carousel. You just want to step off the plane into your bedroom.


If you get off the plane and you know that you have to get a bus, then you are not going to be in a good mood. Furthermore, you won’t even know if there is a bus due when you arrive.

You might get to the bus stop and find that you have to sit around and wait for the next bus. This is not a happy feeling and everyone in that bus queue is in the same mood.


Next, you might think that the other option of getting a train is a good option instead. Sometimes trains are more frequent than buses and you think that the train will just be there when you get there.

Say that you are lucky and there is a train sitting there waiting for you when you get to the platform. You get in your seat and breathe a sigh of relief. You are on the home strait.

However, 20 minutes into the journey, the train breaks down and you are left sitting in the track for hours. What makes matters worse is that you could have been on the bus at that point.


The next option that you could have chosen would have been to get a taxi home. This would have been very expensive but you assume that there will be hundreds of taxis at the rank when you get off the plane.

There isn’t. There are no taxis and you are in a seemingly endless queue for a cab because everyone decided to get a taxi rather than get a bus or a train home. Everyone will have had the same thought process as you.

You might be reading this and thinking you have exhausted your options and you might be better just living at the airport, but don’t worry, there is one more option available to you.

Chauffeur Service

There is only one option that will guarantee that you will be on your way home a few minutes after landing and that is with a chauffeur service. You can hire a chauffeur service on the internet, before you have even started your journey, and the car will be waiting for you at the terminal.

In fact, the chauffeur will be waiting for you at the arrivals section in the airport. He will be holding a piece of paper with your name on the front. You will have seen these signs before.

The chauffeur will take one look at you and know that you are exhausted, so he or she will take the bag off you and show you to the car. If you have been abroad, they will know that you are cold in the English weather, so he or she will put the heating on without you even having to ask.

He or she will probably know that you are not in the mood for chit-chat, so there will be no talking unless you start the conversation. You will get home in style.