To hire one of our vessels, you do not need to take a boat driving course. However, those with a boating license or other maritime certifications are welcomed. If you’re looking to hire a yacht for a city-sightseeing tour or a romantic sunset cruise, or a fun day out on the water with family or friends, we’re certain that you’ll find the right one for you on Sailo. The safety equipment and navigational aids are kept in the storage compartment on the left of the driver’s seat. In addition to the legally-approved safety equipment, you will also discover a waterproof map. A lot of boats are equipped with GPS trackers. We look through the boat’s equipment, including safety equipment (life jackets and life jackets, etc. We also review navigational aids (map) and steering equipment (throttle/steering wheel and depth finder).

Then, we take you aboard and teach you the fundamentals (ignition and switching off, using the swim ladder, anchor, and depth finder). 1. Check-list of equipment onboard and used. First, you must know that the available boats are designed for rent to beginners and amateurs. They are easy to maneuver and have specially designed equipment so that they can be helmed by novice boaters. You can begin your first day as a skipper by reading this article. If you choose another body of water, you will learn to navigate our boats in Miami Biscayne Bay and anywhere.

The blue waters of Atlantic sound, the gentle waves crashing against shores, and the sensation of the ocean’s air bursting out of your lungs could all be a way to refresh the mind, body as well as soul. Before you take the rent a boat in Miami, an instructor from the boat will guide you through the steps below within 30 minutes. They will also assist you through your first steps. After a few practice sessions, you’ll be able to navigate our boats with the joystick and wheel. We have a range of options, from luxury motorboats to incredible megayachts, all available for charters for day trips in Miami, South Beach, and beyond.

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