Finding the world’s best ski slopes is a never-ending quest for the snow sports aficionados who travel the world looking for adventure. But with aggressive marketing from even minor players in the industry, it’s not easy to see through the smokescreen of tempting slogans or resist the seduction of glossy images and promos. If you’re thinking about embarking on a winter snow sports holiday, you should carefully consider these three top qualities of the crème de la crème of destinations.

There’s Always Affordable Accommodation Nearby

Happily, being one of the world’s best ski slopes does not necessarily mean being among the most expensive. Often, the really great ones come with highly affordable chalets, however if you’re lucky enough not to be limited by budget, there are also resorts that offer the last word in luxury for your winter holiday home away from home.

In the Swiss Alps, for example, there are some resorts that make their guests feel less of a visitor than an esteemed guest of a wealthy family! But regardless of the accommodation pricing, what you must look out for is accessibility and creature comforts-weighing these factors against the cost. Your choice is really determined by how much you’re willing to pay and how deeply you care about your holiday accommodation in terms of comfort and luxury.

There’s Plenty of Action

There are some ski resorts that appear sleepy even during peak season, and then there are those that are so bustling, every moment is filled with some kind of activity – including après-ski entertainment. So, which of the two types belong in the ‘best ski slopes’ category? You take a guess! Certain resorts in the French Alps, for example, partner with world-renowned hotel and music brands to orchestrate such activities as street parties and other entertainment. (Set amid the majestic landscape of woodlands and pistes, these can take on a life of their own.) The best resorts will always offer an array of activities to part in – both on the slopes and off. There should be a good infrastructure in order to satisfy every member of a party – including children. One particularly good ski resort of this type is La Tania, with its well-rounded amenities for off-the-slope entertainment, fine-dining restaurants, and even fast-food fare.


Of course, it goes without saying that a good holiday must include plenty of variety and the best ski slopes should give skiers the ultimate luxury: choice. There’s not much interest in a resort that offers slopes suitable for just one level of proficiency – whether it’s for beginners or advanced. While there’s no doubt such resorts exist, the better choices are those that offer guests opportunities for exploration and diversity – not only of the landscape, but also of their own mettle. Therefore, slopes should run the gamut from beginner to intermediate to expert, and include plenty of assistance from the resort’s staff.