Are you contemplating on bringing the rest of the family along for a grand ski holiday in the Alps? Check out the tips and suggestions to ensure a fuss-free vacation.

When it comes to looking forward to family ski adventure, nothing beats the convenience and privacy of staying in one of those well-appointed catered chalets. This especially presents a practical option if you have children in tow or even with a large group of friends. As you may already know, the trick to ensuring a stress-free vacation with the family is to prepare ahead of time – otherwise, it can easily turn into a royal mess!

With extra work and preparation, your family can look forward to enjoying some quiet time in the catered chalets and a ski adventure that everyone will talk about for month to come. To help you out, here are some pointers to keep in mind.

Right Age

As the general rule of the thumb, it is not recommended to allow children under the age of five to ski. This is not only due to safety reasons; it will also be difficult to keep them entertained and not get all cold and grumpy. If you do plan on taking toddlers along, coordinate with catered chalets that can provide you with assistance in childcare and activities that are specifically designed for kids. Let someone else keep them occupied and happy while you tackle the slopes. There are plenty of catered chalets whose staff can provide assistance on nursery services, ski school classes for children and supervised meals.


Investing in a new set of ski gear for the entire family does not always present a practical option, given the fact that your kids will likely outgrow it by the time they will use it again. Instead, consider hiring one from a reputable ski rental shop. Aside from skis and boots, helmets are also required for children.


While you naturally want to look forward to a relaxing and fun holiday, it is always a good idea to come prepared. Never leave home without your insurance. Accidents on the slopes can be quite expensive.

Other Important Tips for Stress-Free Family Ski Holidays

  • Invest in quality goggles
  • Purchase goggles and helmet together to ensure the perfect fit
  • Buy everyone a quality pair of gloves and socks
  • Purchase waterproof pants and jackets
  • Too keep kids warm, layer clothes
  • Invest in at least one professional lesson on skiing
  • Do not force your kid to go beyond their comfort level
  • Do not try to ski all day

When it comes to teaching your children to ski, it is generally best to hire a professional instead of trying to teach them yourself. In general, kids are known to be more receptive to taking lessons from other people.

Above all, make the holiday a family activity. While skiing is the main highlight of the vacation, make sure to spend some bonding time with your children and organize some indoor games that everyone can participate in.