As much as I am passionate about roaming in airports and cruise ports and train stations, enjoying and wondering of the dynamics of the travelers there are a few things that for sure can take you out of your comfort zone

For me is seeing or being approach by beggars,

Although I love traveling alone, mostly for my last minute changes, today I felt a little vulnerable being alone and the target, in the Central Mil├ín train station, this lady was probably 55 or 60 perhaps not Italian, I was seating in front of Juice Bar restaurant eating a delicious and warm sandwich, after 2 bites, this lady approached begging for a piece of bread, to me and to the other group of people eating right beside me. she would not move and kept asking for a piece of bread, she kept saying “a piece of bread please, please ” needless to say I couldn’t swallow any more bites, Also due to the fact that her finger pointing my sandwich was about 1 cm away from it, I decided to offer her the bread, so I lifted my 4″ long sandwich and offered to her, she looked at it, and to my surprise she doesn’t accept it and say:: is that fish?

I go no, just take it, is not fish.

She put her fingers on it and would not take the bloody sandwich!!

The girl next tAble starts to talk to her, in despite all her friends told her not to,

So this kind lady tells her, there is no fish sandwich, beggar insisted, yes yes fish sandwich. Kind lady grab her purse, stand up and say “I will buy you the sandwich” and then the moment of truth, the beggar said, no no I’ll buy it, give one euro please please!

By then I have already left the sandwich. Grab my bags and Star walking away.

I felt deceived, angry, aggravated and what is worse hungry!

How can we read through the people that reach out for help?

How do we know if they are really hungry?

Aren’t we supposed to help the needy?

My journey at the station did not finished there, but I manage to continue my train journey back to my next hotel.

I totally believe that we must work to earn every euro/dollar, I gladly help someone selling flowers or water because at least they are making the effort instead of just extending a hand. And the truth is that I swear every dime I earn.

I know this is not a singular story perhaps happens to you all the time, but I can’t stop wondering How should I react next time?

Situations like this are the reason most people just ignored them?

What would you do?