If you are visiting Spain, Andalusia is a wonderful place to visit. You can book a villa in the heart of the city to enjoy your vacations. One such villa Casa Irene is a beautiful villa that is situated high on a mountain in the heart of the inland AndalucĂ­a. You can enjoy a fantastic view of some of southern Spain’s most beautiful countryside.

There are four bedrooms in the villa and two bathrooms. It is suitable for seven guests. You can look down on the beautiful lake of Zahara that faces the medieval hilltop town of Zahara de la Sierra. The bedrooms are well furnished and bathrooms also have the desired facilities. The kitchen is well equipped with all the modern equipment such as a dishwasher, a refrigerator, a microwave, etc.

The floor is covered with terracotta tiles, wooden slack beams overhead, and beautiful internal features. The interior of the villa shows a true traditional Andalusia culture. The villa is built in a traditional style but it offers all the modern amenities for the guests such as Wi-Fi, a dishwasher, and a microwave.

If you stand outside the villa, you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views. There is a private gated swimming pool that is perfect for the guests to take a swim as they look out towards the pine-clad hills and down towards the pure water of Lake Zahara. The pool is protected with pretty stone walls and it is suitable for families with small children.

The villa also has an attractive terrace outside and another covered terrace with a built-in barbecue. From the terrace, you can enjoy stunning views while enjoying meals with your family and friends. You can also relax and soak yourself in the sun.

You can also visit a El Gastor village which is only 2.4 kilometers from the villa. This beautiful whitewashed village is known as the ‘balcony of white villages’ and is perfect to explore the other villages nearby. There are many shops and restaurants in the village where you can immerse in the traditional Andalusia life.

The most famous of the whitewashed villages is Ronda which is situated at a twenty minute drive from El Gastro and situated on the edge of the breathtaking Grazelan National park.

If you seek stunning vista of panoramic AndalucĂ­a scenery on your vacations, you should book the villa in advance. You can enjoy the views from this delightful stone-clad cottage. The villa is positioned amidst the olive studded slopes that rise from the shimmering inland lake of Zahara.

Inside the house, there is a perfect combination of high pitched beamed ceilings, bright-colored paintwork and modern furnishings that provide an authentic taste of Spanish living. Thus, you can enjoy your vacations in this perfectly located cottage with your family or friends. The beautiful surroundings around the villa give you a chance to live peacefully while enjoying the fantastic views on all sides.

You can make your vacations memorable by exploring the real Spanish culture in the small nearby villages.